Monday, March 2, 2009

Same song, second verse

In the five weeks I've been trying to get healthy, I've dealt with kidney stones, flu, and bronchitis. None of these things are very conducive to a rigorous exercise routine or strict dieting. It seems every Monday I start a post saying it's a new week and I'm going to try this again. And then something comes along and knocks the wind out of my sails and blocks the momentum I've been trying so hard to build.

So, it's a new Monday, and I'm trying this again. I only got one C25K workout in last week so I'll be on week three again. Here's hoping no illness or catastrophe gets in my way again this week. I'm ready to get my workout on!


  1. stop weighing yourself

  2. I'm impressed with your dedication. I think I would ahve given up by now. Hopefully you'll stay healthy for a few days and knock out week three.

  3. Hey did you see the Bowflex had a recall on it issued yesterday? Thought you might want to check it out...


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