Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Beth Ditto is my hero

I explained in my first post a lot of the reasons why I wanted to lost weight--to be healthy, to look better, etc. But a lot of the reason why I want to lose the weight is because I just don't feel happy with myself at this weight. It tugs at my self esteem more than I'll ever admit.

But then there are women like Beth Ditto. Women who say, I am happy and comfortable with who I am and what I look like. So much so, this woman was willing to pose nude for a magazine cover.

Some may look at this cover and think she doesn't belong there. She's not a twig model. She's got rolls of fat. She doesn't fit in the latest runway trends. I say that's exactly why she belongs there.

When I see this picture of Beth Ditto, I see confidence, happiness, self esteem, and self love. What better picture of beauty than that?

I am happy to see Beth's cover today. What an awesome reminder that confidence and self esteem don't come from looks, they come from within.


  1. Oh wow!! She's so pretty! I wish I had that much confidence and self esteem! I don't even think if I was a size zero I could do that.

  2. That is how I feel right now - not happy with MYSELF at this weight. It has nothing to do with how other people see me, but how I feel in my own skin. Love the pic!

  3. I have the same issues with my weight. I am told that I have the right weight for my height but all the same I am not and never have been happy with the way I look. Since I was 10 years old I have longed to be skinny and beautiful. I am an "apple" and that too adds to my unhappiness with my figure. I absolutely admire women like Beth who are comfortable in their own skin. And she is beautiful too. Whoever thinks she doesn't belong on a magazine cover is sad.


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