Thursday, February 19, 2009

Great workout

Yesterday was day er, five of my week two workout on C25K. For the first time since I started exercising, I did the workout and I did it well. It still wasn't easy, but I kept my pace and completed all of the running intervals without too much trouble. I even sped up my pace on my last interval. Then, when I was done, instead of being exhausted and jelly legged, I was perfectly fine. I think I'm finally getting somewhere!

I also did my first Bowflex workout. It took me a bit to figure out some of the exercises, what weight is best, and what routine I'm going to do. But it will compliment the running nicely.

I did some research and yesterday I also started taking two supplements--HMB and L-Glutamine. HMB is supposed to promote fat loss, build of lean muscle mass, provide greater endurance during workouts, and help keep your immune system healthy. It helps reduce atrophy, or the eating away of your muscles. L-Glutamine helps restore glycogen levels which restores your energy. It also helps you heal faster so your recovery time is less. We'll see if these make any difference. Neither have any reported negative side effects so I figure it can't hurt to try them.

Finally, I picked my first race. It will be a 5K on May 2. Bill is training to run it with me. I'm really looking forward to it!


  1. Can you believe how fast you can get into running shape? I think a lot of people believe it takes a long time! I think the hardest part is just getting off the couch.

  2. Good for you. FYI I love the graph..I Love graphs and data in general.....

  3. Great Job! It feels so good to get through a workout well. Good luck in the 5k, I am doing one on Mother's day. We'll have to compare notes!


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