Monday, February 16, 2009

C25K, Week 2 Day 4

Yes, I did week two four times last week. On the last attempt I actually completed the entire workout as prescribed. But it was so ugly and barely there that I plan to do week two again this week.

So let's see where we are here as we start week 4:
C25K- week 2, again

Weight loss:
Week 1: -6 lbs
Week 2: +3 lbs (kidney stone fun week)
Week 3: -2 lbs
So starting out week 4, I'm still not quite where I was at the end of week one. Net loss in three weeks -5 lbs.

I feel like I'm doing a lot of the two steps forward, one step back kind of thing. To add insult to injury, Bill started working out with me this week. Not only was he able to do the C25K, Week 1 program all three days without a problem, he lost more than five pounds during the week without even really trying. Hrmph!

But I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing and I'm keeping it up. I want to believe I'm adding muscle mass and that's why I'm not seeing a lot of weight drop off right away. Who knows what the truth is but sooner or later things have to catch up to me and I'm going to start seeing a smaller me. My end goals remain the same.

Over the weekend we went out and bought a Bowflex off of Craigslist. The lady got it for Mother's Day two years ago and used it five times. It is in absolutely pristine condition and we got it for 1/3 of the original price. We spent three hours setting it up last night and it's all ready for primetime. I'm really excited to start incorporating that into our workout routine along with the running. There is one downside though, it reeks of cigarette smoke. Bill says he can't smell it. It about gags me. I have a super sensitive nose and I can smell it in the seat and even in the metal. It didn't occur to me that I should ask about a nonsmoking home for something like a Bowflex. I really didn't expect it would have any residual smell. But it does. Any suggestions for getting it out?


  1. Try frebreezing it. I can't stand the smell of smoke either...GOod luck w/ it!

  2. Wipe down with a combination of 1 part white vinegar to 4 parts water. Vinegar is our friend!

    I'm on week two of an exercise program, too. I feel better but I'm not seeing any slimming down...maybe we're in a building muscle phase? OH! I did about 10 minutes of a latin dance exercise dvd (wal-mart special) and ooooooo my abs hurt in places I didn't know they could hurt.

  3. I've been thinking about this since I read your post. I bet the problem is the seats have cigarette smoke INSIDE them. You can wipe down the outside all you want, but the stuffed bench is probably the problem. I think you can rent ozone machines to get the smell out... that's what they use for fires.

    Also I bet Dr Google can help this one.

  4. I started my first day of jogging + walking today. Not the real c25K cos I forgot my watch. All the same it was HAAAAARD. I was so out of breath at some points that I just wanted to sit there on the pavement. I dream of one day running in a marathon but during my jog today I doubted that I'd ever be able to. Crazy isn't it? We must NEVER let negative thoughts prey on our dreams. I admire you for trying the week 2 run 4 times. I think I've found myself a role model in the running sphere. Most people I know don't care much about getting into shape and the ones who do are already so fit that they can run miles without collapsing so it's wonderful to find somebody who is starting out like me. Maybe we can be e-running buddies =D


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