Monday, February 2, 2009

Small setback

Today's weight: 239.0
Weight lost: 6.0 (total weight loss for week one: 6 lbs)

I did go to the running store over the weekend to get new shoes. I picked Phidippedes in Sandy Springs, GA. I was expecting to feel quite out of place and to get a little snobbery, given my current state. I figured I'd get something like, "the all you can eat buffet is next door, sweetie."I got everything but that. The sales people were incredibly helpful and not the least bit condescending. Even the other customers were pretty cool too. And their prices are good. I'm a new loyal customer.

First they put me in a "neutral" shoe and watched me jog. They said I had a tendency to turn in so they found me some shoes that would correct that. I tried on ten different pairs and none of them completely fixed the slipping heel problem, but I think I have a pretty good pair nonetheless. They have a great return policy so they told me go go home and try them on the treadmill and if they weren't working out bring them back and we'd try another pair. Bill even got a new pair too!

So I've got new shoes burning a whole in their box, just waiting to be tried out. Unfortunately, here's the setback part of my title-- yesterday I started having lower right back pain. I tried brushing it off and then it got stronger and stronger. It's the exact pain I've had 13(?) times before...kidney stones. I had, I think, 13 kidney stones when I was pregnant with Bailey and just after. It's incredibly excruciating pain. The first one I passed I spent in the hospital for pain management. The rest of them I just toughed it out at home. That's what I'm doing this time too.

I can tell there's two and one is getting fairly close to passing. The other one seems pretty high still. Until both those puppy's pass I wont be anywhere near the treadmill. I'm hoping that within the next 24 hours though, it will be over with and I'm back to running again.

I don't think it was a coincidence these started again after a week of some pretty strenuous workouts. I think this is a wake up call for me to make sure I've been drinking enough water (I have not). Right now I'm laying in bed with four bottles of water sitting on my nightstand. I'll be chugging those shortly.

My normal running days while I still have fairly short runs will be Mon, Wed, Fri. I hope to be back on that schedule next week. This week I'll run and walk when I can and I'll just stick to the Couch to 5K week 1 program. Next Monday I hope to be starting with week 2.


  1. I hope they pass soon! Ouch.
    Glad you got some good shoes...

  2. Sorry to hear about your setback. Isn't that always the way? You can use your time to get pshcyed up for next week. Keep at it. This to shall pass...HeHee. Feel better. I m so glad you loved your running store. They have the nicest people working at mine too. It's like they actually care. Who knew?

  3. Glad to hear you were able to find some shoes! Not so glad to hear about the kidney stones though.

  4. So ironic--i was telling you how i needed new shoes and I came so close to going to Phidippedes over the weekend but i too was afraid I would feel so uncomfortable and out of place so I never went! I could only imagine it being full of tall, skinny marathon expert runners who would laugh their arses off at me! Maybe I'll brave it after all. Ummm, how long do you have to jog for them b/c i'm still on week one???? And again, sooo sorry about the stones. :(

  5. Glad to hear you got some great shoes, and a nice place to go as a resource. So sorry to hear about the kidney stones though, hope they are gone quickly.


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