Monday, February 23, 2009

It's a New Week

Admittedly, my weight loss chart for the week would have looked a lot more impressive if I did it mid-week instead of waiting until Sunday. My net loss for the week ended up being a big fat zero (no pun intended).

I started down that slippery slope of losing motivation; and although I didn't go crazy off my diet, I didn't stick to my workout regimen either. So, I gained the weight back at the end of the week I had worked so hard to lose at the beginning of the week.

Well, this is a new week. I've decided I need to add more cardio to my regimen to try to burn a few more calories and jump start the weight loss. So today after I did my C25K, I walked an additional 20 minutes. I'll keep doing this for a while and see what kind of results I get.

I read a great post by my friend Laura today. Laura is preparing for a half marathon to usher in her 35th birthday this year. Over the weekend she went for a nine mile run. She blogged about her run and how the first eight went great, then the last mile she really mentally had to push herself to complete. I don't want to sumarize her story because she'll tell it in a much more inspiring way than I'll retell it. So go read about her run here. Then the next time you're running for 60 seconds or for 20 miles and you just don't think you can do it, think about Laura's post.

It seems like it will be an eternity before I'm running nine miles, but I'll get there. In four weeks I've gone from being out of breath after running for 15 seconds, to struggling to run for 60, to wishing I could run for 90, and to today successfully running for three minutes nonstop. Three minutes is nothing compared to the marathon I have before me in October, but it's nearly infinitely longer than than where I started.


  1. That was an aswesome post by Laura. I thought of it this morning while I was on the treadmill!! It was great motivation!

  2. Thanks for the shout out! We all have days where we think we are not strong enough or can't do something. But think of what you have done - two preemie babies with bad reflux and a full-time job! You are STRONG.

  3. Great motivation Bridget! I've gotten a little off the past few days but will remedy that this evening when I get home!


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