Friday, February 20, 2009

Challenging Day

I've got to admit, I'm not doing a very good job of staying on the wagon today.

This morning when I got on the scale I was up one pound, despite the fact that I've been doing everything right. I know there are lots of plausible reasons for this, I've been telling myself these reasons for weeks when I have a weight fluctuation. I know I shouldn't get caught up in what the scale says and should focus on results. But yet I still can't help what I feel, which is just plain frustrated.

Instead of reaching for chicken and broccoli for lunch, I found myself reaching for M&Ms (why are those blasted things in the house anyway??). How easy it is to just throw my hands up and think, "What I'm doing isn't working anyway. I'm going to sit here and eat these M&Ms and I'm going to enjoy them." And enjoy them I did. For about the minute it took me to scarf them down. Then I had nothing but regret.

I'm not depriving myself of all sweets, fats, etc. because I would just set myself up for failure for the next year. So it's not the fact that I ate M&Ms that bothers me, it's how I came to eat the M&Ms. I severely limit junk to a rare treat and then I include it as part of my eating plan. I PLAN to allow myself to have these little indulgences. The difference about the M&Ms today is it wasn't planned, it was purely an emotional impulse. Had it have been planned, I would have porportioned out a specific number of M&Ms to meet exactly the fat and calories I've alloted. Instead I put my hand in the bag a few times and ate Heaven knows how many. That is exactly the behavior that got me here to begin with.

Of course the important thing is that I let the M&Ms go as a moment of weakness and continue on my path towards wellbeing. But what I want to do is go "Well, I've already blown the day with M&Ms, why don't I go see what else I can blow my diet with?"


  1. I'm telling you to walk away from the twinkie. I find it very easy to just let things completely go once I've already blown it. The hard part is just walking past the "failure" and moving in the right direction again. I'm an emotional eater too and I have to remind myself that a tough day at work does NOT equal bread covered in olive oil and goat cheese!

    As you're challenging your body to do new things, you're building muscle mass. Some weeks your weight will stay the same but it will eventually catch up. I'm sure that's what's happening!

    Hang in there!

  2. I totally understand the frustration. I want to tell you though, your courage to start and stay with this is so awesome. Today is just one day. So you had some M&M's...who cares...let it go. Be accountable for it and move on. You are an encouragement to me. I endeavorded to lose 70 pounds after my May 2006 boy was born and have done it!! I started at the exact weight you did. It took time and preseverance but is SO worth it. Keep on Keeping on, if I can do CAN!

  3. Do not beat yourself up about the M&Ms! So you allowed yourself one thing that is especially yummy. Just make it up with a very healthy dinner and a bit of an extra work-out. No problem! You are doing great!!!!!!!

  4. You are doing a great thing and keeping up with all the workouts it tough. I feel you on the eating, I do that too, and its so easy to say that the whole day is blown. I still struggle with that and getting past it- it's hard not to 'beat up' on myself when I have done something like that too, even though I know it's better to just move on and make better choices. It's hard! But, you're doing great and will continue to do so!!!

  5. I SO know what you mean with the "well it's all ready blown so lets just right the whole day off" mentality.

    Course, mine usually turns into a "well this week is blown, let's just start again on Monday" ROFL!

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  7. I love the title of your blog! LOL


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