Tuesday, February 10, 2009

C25K, Week 2 Day 1

Finally moved on to week 2. It sucked. I only needed for run for 90 seconds at a time followed by two minute walk intervals. I couldn't run the full 90 seconds each time.

I tried another running store yesterday. I am now on shoes #3. They felt good in the store. After 30 minutes at home they were feeling not so good. I've decided that all shoes are going to hurt. They really should publish a maximum weight limit on those things. I'm pretty sure I've exceeded shock absorption capacity. But I'm ok with that.

Finally, someone told me they are having trouble commenting on this blog recently. Is that widespread? Feel free to leave a comment as a test. This could be just a ploy to get you to comment, I'm ok with that too.


  1. I've been able to leave comments!
    I think it is going to be amazing to look back at these early entries when you are running the full 5K. At least, that's how I feel when I look back on twin newborn posts :)

  2. (You have to choose a profile to be able to leave a comment. It might be some setting in your comment moderation.)

  3. Good work Bridget! Hope you get right shoes soon =)/ Ida

  4. Bridget, unless I'm actually logged into Blogspot under my profile, I can't comment.

    I've had some similar problems with shoes and came to the conclusion that sometimes it's just my feet...sucks. So, are shoes #3 the asics gels?

  5. i'm seriously being inspired by you and this blog. i looked up the couch to 5K program and it seems like there are a few different ones out there. would you mind letting me know which one you're using and where you got it? thanks :)

  6. Laura, I'm really hoping I'll look back at these days and smile and wonder how it was ever so hard.

    Deanna, I tried the Asics gels. They didn't work for me. Although my sister Megan also recently started C25K and she was having foot problems. She ended up in the Asics gels. I have a pair of New Balance. I'm thinking I should have gone with the Mizunos that were a runner up.

    Amanda, I'm following what is listed in www.coolrunning.com. I'm also using the Robert Ullery podcasts so I don't have do follow the time. There is a different podcast for each week and it plays music and tells you when to walk or run. I can't say enough good about the podcasts!


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